I would like opinions and reasons why,

We are a school system that is running NW6.5 and Zen7. We are exploring the options of moving to ZCM. What are the up/down sides of moving to windows or SLES.

Fellow Novell diehards don’t take this wrong but It seems to us that ZCM was developed more for windows active directory/ domain environment than edirectory. Also that most people on this forum are running ZCM on a windows environment for whatever reason, be it application or user benefit.

At present our server applications will run on both linux and windows, and we are looking at possible applications to see if they will also run on both OS.

Are group policies handled better through ZCM or windows group policies? Are the Group policies more configurable through ZCM or Windows.

Can you have ZCM policies and windows group policy running at the same time? Example iprint policy/ group policy

Thank you