Fresh ZCM 11 install on SLES11 x64 server. I am testing polcies and setup a DLU for my student accounts and tested OK. but when I setup a Staff policy it does not apply and my ZCM reports following error:

Device Alias: zcmtest1
Device IP Address:
Error: [3/8/11 2:33:00 PM] dlu policy POLICYHANDLERS.DLUPolicy.ErrorInEnforcement POLICYHANDLERS.DLUPolicy.ErrorInEnforcement{Staff Policy_Windows XP_Dynamic Local User}
Additional Information: getUserInfoAPI : Not able to get the userInfo, Account may not be exist : testteacher, serverName :

I found a TID 7003063 which has same problem for ZCM10 and says it was fixed in 10.2. But no fix for the problem.