We have a wierd problem...before I forget:
ZCM 11 on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64
Windows XP SP2
Active Directory Domain

We have users that have Roaming profile enabled. Delprof.exe is used to remove stale profiles. The AD policy has not been working so we added an additional command to ensure that delprof.exe will run on logout/reboot.
This process has worked for many years until recently. After the installation of ZCM 11 Agent the Roaming users would have their Desktop folder deleted. This occurs at logout. The files/folder that get deleted are: Desktop, Favorites, Application Data & Cookies.
Could ZCM Agent caused a delay in the logout where the profile will get deleted prior to being synchronize to the network share? Now that I'm thinking about this issue, I will try to move the delprof.exe to windows startup instead to see if this will resolve the issue, but the question still exist?