Well, this isn't a issue in itself, but sitting here after having done
a re-install of Zen11 for a new network, I checked what needed to be
fixed/updated before setting up sat's etc.

Then,, I started to wonder, why all these manuall steps to update a
management system that's supposed to ...well, manage and update stuff?
It even has patchmanagement for anything except itself.

There's vulnerability fixes, and other stuff, and more or less
everything is released in the form of "unpack, move, copy, changed,
manually install, the do this/that and reboot.."

For instance, the TFTP fix;
msiexec /i [path to]\novell-tftp- TARGETDIR="[root of
ZENWORKS_HOME]" REBOOT=ReallySuppress ALLUSERS=1 /lvx [desired log
path]\novell-tftp- /qn

Off course it's doable, is simply can't over the idea that it should
be possible to manage/update the zen11 server itself in a more
structured way instead of this manual hacking.....