We have a physical server ZCM10.3.1 on SLES 10SP3, an we want to update on ZCM11. The database is Oracle and there is a second primary server on a VM(ESX4) on SLES10SP3 with ZCM10.3.1 (not an appliance).

In order to upgrade the physical primary server, we stop the second VM primary an we have done a ZDC then everything is ok. So we mount the cdrom an launch the setup.sh on the physical server. A warning on the disk place so we expend the LVM of /opt and other partition then the warning disappears. We relaunch the setup and all are check but at the begin of the bar install, install terminated rapidly with errors.
In the logs errors we saw:"ORA-01658" then we know that the error is about the tablespace of database. We expend the space of table database and we launch again the setup.sh. But the setup shows in pre installation that a before installation abnormally terminated and ask nevertheless if we want to continu. The problem is that when we select yes or no to continu the result is the same: the install java windows is closed and we can't continu or restart the upgrade of ZCM11. Is there a flag or something else to modify?
The server is on production an it seems that nothings had change because it can also be used on ZCM10.3.1.
We want to upgrade the servers in production and there are more than 2000 devices/users so it's not a light migration for us(and around 30 satellite device). Thanks to help us.