Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

We have a perfectly stable windows 7 pro build that uses the Novell client and the ZCM11 client. The ZCM server is configured to point at the edirectory servers for it's user credentials etc etc. This all works fine until we tried to add the windows 7 machines into Active Directory (which we populate from edirectory with dirxml). When we did this on ZFD 7 we had to disable DLU on the workstations that were migrated into AD, when we removed DLU from the ZCM workstations the users no longer authenticated into ZCM and any user delivered bundles were missing. If we added DLU back to the user we get an "an unknown logon error has occurred" after trying through the Novell Client.

Can anyone shed any light on this, are we doing this correctly, or is there another method we should use.