Here's the situation:

Windows XP sp3
Running ZCM appliance on VMWare vSphere 4.0
Performing Discovery and Deployment for the most part without problems, although we have some that won't deploy no matter what.

Any PC that has Roxio EZ CD Creator on it ceases to be able to burn CD's or DVD's. When we start Roxio after the PreAgent Install, Roxio says that it cannot find any burners. Other programs recognize the burners just fine, as does Windows XP Burning. Uninstalling the PreAgent does NOT help at all, as Roxio continues to not work.

I have tried reinstalling the Burning Engine, as per the Roxio forums, and it doesn't seem to help. The only way Roxio works is to perform a System Restore to a date prior to the Zenworks PreAgent being installed.

Has anyone experience something similar, or have a solution? I don't particularly care for Roxio, but that's what we have to use.