Im getting to the end of the road with this,

3rd lab/test install of Zen11, each time it's something new.
I guess there is some variable that affect the order of the install of
all the MSI's in relationship to the time, place on earth or overall
mood. I simply can't understand how the product can achieve new
intresting "features" every single time.....

Now that I've felt sorry for my self ,,,,the issue/case;
Location policy not working, checking the devices and/or groups for
which it is enable shows status "unknown"
( the same word that describes Novell's idea of product testing)

Checkin in policy's;
Could not find a Handler associated with the following type: ZES
The handler [NULL] was not found.

Besides that; I've enabled SMTP messeging from ZCM which informs me
everyday that Im running a trial this and and trial that. The fact
that I've enabled the software, subscriptions, updates,patch-mgmgt
doesn't seem to ring a bell, it's still a trial....

well, if that's the case, give us the money back....

On the other hand, Zen11 looks as if it COULD be or could have been
the needed face and tech-lift needed to keep Zen alive at our
customers sites,,,,but why for the love of ...anyone...can''t it work
as designed ?

Bugs, sure that's part of this business, but nowday's we're not having
such major pains with anything else from anyone else than Novell is
giving us and that sure is a pity. Give med back Netware & Zen7 then
we can even forgive/forget previous gw-enhancement packs and other