I am developing a java application on a Windows 7 Client to copy a file from a over ncp to a Novell Volume.
It's working with Windows XP but with Windows 7 I get an NSIException.

I tested the sample source from Sample Code for var/ndk/webBuildengine/tmp/viewable_samples/b974df6e-83b1-4ae9-ba86-c919c86c96c9/File/Streams.java but it also throws an exception com.novell.service.jncp.NSIException: ccode = 1 (0x1) at at com.novell.java.io.NOutputStream.close(NOutputStre am.java:217).

From an Windows 7 the file is readed and copied but the file isn't closed properly. I have to close the java process to get access to the file.

Any idea?