Hi there,

we have ServiceDesk 6.1 installed on SLES 11 SP1 and try to update to 6.2.
As described in the manual I uninstalled the appicacation using the uninstaller and installed the new one with the java installer. No errors so far... only the message "your Service Desk URL is..." is empty.

After the installation went through I have no website on the defined port that answers my requests. Netstat tells me that there is no application listening in the defined port.
Even if I manually start the startup.sh shell script nothing is listening after that on the port.

If I remve Service desk 6.2 and install Service Desk 6.1 instead, I get the same message with the empty URL hint at the end of the installation, but the website works and listens on the defined port. I can then again configure the access to the db server.

So my question is what am I doing wrong?

Perhaps anyone here has a hint for me? Would be great as I am at the moment a little bit frustrated. :-(

Thanx, Andy