Hello All,

Today we have experienced problems with our Groupwise System & BES gateway. Here is the thing, today, our main mail server has crashed. After recovering the system doing manual starting POA & mta (one domain, one post office) we have observed that many users using Blackberrys with BES (4.1.6) are not syncing new emails on their devices (only a few users have Blackberrys on this system). Groupwise system using GW client works perfectly, users can send emails on the domain, emails come from the Internet and emails sended in internet are queued on users mail boxes. But, here is the problem, new emails arrived to the BES users are not showed on their devices. And, not for all users. There are two or three users that are seeing new emails, because this SOAP problem are desestimated (first thing that we thought).

BES software is 4.1.6 (windows 2003), groupwise client on BES server is 7.0.2, Groupwise server is 8 (on SLES 10 SP3).

Someone can give us a pointer to follow? Any ideas are appreciated. We're are a little losted so we can see any problems on BES logs (seems that all is ok, but new emails are not coming up on devices). Something to search on poa/bes/* logs?

We think that problems have been started on corrupted POA users databases, but we are not sure (we also pass fix gwcheck on users databases).

So much thanks!!!