Hey all. Have just built a brand new ZCM 11 zone, with 2 x SLES 10 SP4 primary servers and connected to a MS SQL database on a seperate server.

Everything works fine, and i've registered a workstation into the zone (registered it againest the first primary server)

I let the workstation reboot, logged in and did a full refresh, and even a "zac zc" to ensure it could see both primary servers (it did)

Then, for a test, i stopped the ZCM services on the first primary server, rebooted the workstation and attempted to login again....no joy.

A ZCM login window pops up, and when i try logging in, it says "Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect". Now i assumed it would try to login via the second primary server, which was still running fine.

I then completly shutdown the first primary server, rebooted the workstation again, and attempted to login again.....and it worked!

So.....it looks like when the ZCM services are shutdown on the primary server the agent on the workstation can see that it can at least contact it (e.g ping), so keeps trying to use it, but eventually fails, and halts login.

Whereas when the servers totally shutdown, it can see it's completey uncontactable, so fails over to the second primary server, and logins in happily.

My question is......is that right? Surely there might be times when the ZCM services are stopped on a server, or even the servers getting so hammered with requests, it can't respond to a request to the ZCM services at that moment, but it's still contactable via ping etc, so the agent thinks it's OK?

Shouldn't the agent see if it gets a response from the server, and then if not immediately fail over to the next primary server?

Hope that makes sense.