ZCM Login on a bootup is often reported as slower than during a

This thread is to gather data about something very specific, so I would
like to keep it on topic to find out if the test helps and to what degree.

If you are seeing this issue, could some of you check the following
items and run a test for me? (This is based on a previous forum post.)

Enable Debug logging on the agent and check the ZENLGN.Log for the
following entries during a cold boot:

ZENLGN [][10:37:30:000] About to call ZENLogin in agent service
ZENLGN [][10:38:20:546] Returned from calling ZENLogin in agent service

Is there a significant delay between the time of "About to call" and
"Returned from Calling"?

If so, please try the following.........

#1 - Ensure .NET 3.5 Sp1 is installed on the device. (This ensures a
fully updated .NET 2.0)

#2 - Create a text file called ZenworksWindowsService.exe.config in the
same folder as ZenworksWindowsService.exe

The file should contain:

<generatePublisherEvidence enabled="false"/>

#3 - Test Booting the Same device multiple times with and without this
file in place. Logon the instant the logon screen is available each
time. Is the time reduced between the two ZENLGN entries with the entry
in place? I would expect a maximum gain of 15-30 seconds....perhaps
none, which is the purpose of this thread.

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