I just built a new iFolder 3.8 server on SLES 10 SP3, OES2 SP3. I'm trying to initiate accounts for my existing iFolder users and I found that my supervisor (who uses iFolder) isn't appearing in the iFolder user list under the administration portal. When I set up iFolder I used a generic LDAP User account, which when I authenticate into the LDAP browser I can see his account, but he doesn't appear under Users or if I try to add him under Administrators.

Due to a misconfiguration on our previous iFolder server, I can't use the migration service to move the accounts, so I'm just saying that this won't be an option. My supervisor has been with the company for a long time and may have configured his account with some options which are making him invisible to the more recent LDAP User account. Is there anything that I can do make him visible so I can get his account to show up on the new server? Thanks