For those of you deploying this, please reply to this thread with issues you encounter and a few lines about your setup (eDir/AD usersource, Client OS and Server OS).

I ask this because I've tested the file prior to the release (and the earlier ZESM fixes), I've had negative results that impact the implementation of the fix.

The error I am getting after deploying this is a massive increase in the time the agent service takes to start up, up to 5 minutes extra on a relatively new computer (Dell Latitude E5410), making such things as login with new userprofile and the NWC increase dramatically.... When the service is started, it is however fixed as they say, regarding the Location Awareness engine that was my initial problem(The TID also lacks VMXNET 3 network controller from the affected)...

This is not an attack on Novell or anything, its just that I want more information from others, if its my setup or if its common, other issues etc. (I really want Novell to be more open though, so its easier to work with your products, and I hope they fix their RSS feeds!)

Best Regards,
Rune "TheFlyingCorpse" Darrud