We're looking at migrating from Zen 7 to ZCM11 and was hoping for some advice about the best way to set it up.

We have about 1200 machines and from what I read it looks as though the internal Sybase database isn't quite up to the task for larger numbers of machines.

Out of the options below what would be best (or none of them)? What's the best OS for Zen 11 Sles11/Windows 2008?

Option 1) Windows 2008 on a new server and run Zen11 and MS SQL 2008 from the same server, with potentially a satellite server or 2...

Option 2) Setup SLES11 Zen 11 virtual machine on vmware as well as Windows 2008 and MS SQL 2008 virtual machine, and keep the imaging component on physical hardware.

Option 3) Sles 11 and Zen 11 on new physical server with windows 2008 and MS SQL 2008 on vmware.