We want rename and move eDirectory-User from within an java-application.
When renaming or moving an eDirectory-user, the eDirectory-information in the groupwise-mailbox are broken.

For the move of a eDirectory-user with a groupwise-mailbox, we can use the groupwise-administrative-api: methode 'moveWithinTree' of the user-object.
We start a process that executes this vbs-Script:
Set groupwise = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareAdmin")
groupwise.Connect "unc-path of directory of the GW-Domain-db"
Set user = groupwise.Users.ItemByDN(dn)
user.MoveWithinTree newOU

There is no methode for renaming the groupwise-mailbox together with renaming the corresponding eDirectory-user.

How can these be done from an application (java, vbs, ...).
Renaming an eDirectory-user with the groupwise-mailbox or
renaming the groupwise-mailbox with the eDirectory-user or
reassigning a eDirectory-User to a groupwise-mailbox