Hi All,

basically i think the best way to backup or move Bundles to another server, is the zman command? Is that right?

I try the <zman betf> and the <zman bc> commands.
My first Test Bundle include a MSI File install Action. After the <zman betf> command I have 2 XML files thats OK.

In the Action-XML i must insert the right <ContentFilePath>
When i start the <zman bc> command comes this error

Error:"/Bundles/Topix Conto Brodos.msi" does not exist or is not a file.

i found this document, but it still the same...

ZCM 'zman bc' on linux servers generates error 62 if the bundle export file is non-English 0 225614761

I dont understand this ContentFilePath Indication. I copied the file in a local server folder but zman not found this msi file...

we have ZCM 11.0