I have seen many people talk about DLU here and some of the issues that can occur with it, but I have an issue that has possibly arose that is causing me pain. I have an off campus school that we have set up Zenworks 11 at, it is running well in general, but *I think* I have an issue with DLU. When the user logs in, his/her DLU is created, and all is well...however, sometime it seems that the user is left behind even when volitile user is selected, to make matters worse....it seems that the user can log into work station only with the DLU user that is created, after they log out...I don't want them doing this, I want them to HAVE to authenticate to the network period...I do have workstaiton policy...but I guess thats not the point...to me this seems like a security hole...has anyone else experianced this?