I'm starting over with ZCM 11 since I had a bunch of authentication issues with ZCM 10. I've been testing out Patch Management and pushed out QuickTime 7.6.9 to COMPUTER1. QT pushed out fine and reported back ask 7.6.9 fully patched. Then I uninstalled QT from the computer and installed QT 7.5.5 on it so I could test pushing out the 7.6.9 update. After installation, I ran Workstation Inventory Scan, then Refresh Workstation. I viewed the Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory for the device and it reports QT 7.5.5 installed, but when I click on the Patches tab, it shows QT 7.6.9 as Patched -> Yes. I left the computer on overnight for the 12 hour full refresh window to pass and it still shows up as unpatched.