I am having an issue with disk corruption of some sort. In one week I have had three laptops BSOD on me, due to the fact it can not read the disk.
Re-formating fixes the issue so I know the disks are not failing, but being corrupted, maybe the partition tables.

Three things have changed since this started.
1. Kasperski Antiviurs deployed
2. ZEN 11 deployed.
3. ZESService deleted from all workstation (Due to all the issues it causes)

I'm am trying to track down what is causing this problem. It started immediately after I deleted the zesservice.
Are there any conflicts with any virus applications and ZEN?
It's possible Kasperski could be an issue, but I'm more likely to suspect the ZEN agent as it actually writes info to the boot sector, changes SIDs etc...

Is there anything the zesservice does that could cause corruption to partition tables or the boot sector? Two of the laptops failed immediately after it was deleted and rebooted.
The zesservice was deleted as recommended on the forums to fix the performance issues and random reboots it caused, which it did, but now may have caused another issue.

Any help would be appreciated, can't afford another lost laptop.

Thank you.