Hi. I am in the process of rolling out Zen 11 and I am testing the imagimg function of the product, however I am having some difficutly. I have a test machine that I had been testing installing the agent and just playing around in general. I had imported it as a managed machine. I've started working with the imaging and tried taking an image of that machine. It worked fine, I was able to PXE boot the mahine and take the image with no problem. Now I am trying to deploy the image to a different machine, it is the same type as the one I took the image from. It has never been managed. When I try to PXE boot the new machine it will not load the menu. It connects to the server but then exits the PXE menu. In the log novell-tftp I see errors:

Received error packet from client: 0 --> TFTP Aborted
Read request from failed:
Error in sending an OPTION ACK packet
File sent to --> nvlnbp.sys

It appears to not be sending the file. The original computer will connect everytime. I have even pulled the hard drive from the original computer and it will still connect. Does zen keep a list of machines that have connected before? I cannot connect any other computer to the server. Thanks