Full error is:
Failed to process action: Information for id c624ed801c3598e36e47514f9904277d has not been cached.

I am running ZCM 11 on SLES11sp1 (64bit) 6GB mem and 2 vCPU's (on ESX 4), database is Sybase on the same server.

New installation, I am having strange issues. I have installed ZCM a number of times at different customers and this is the first time I have strange issues.

On some applications I get this error (different ID of course). If I restart ZCM with /etc/init.d/novell-zenserver restart it starts working again.

I found the same error, but in regards to ZCM 10.3 and it was fixed in a post 10.3 patch.

This is just one of the strange errors I get, other errors are e.g. that if I want to install a directory which was uploaded to the ZCM server (just three files) and change the destination directory in the bundle it cannot find the files any more all of a sudden.

I already did a complete fresh install of SLES and ZCM, but the strange behavior remains...

What I read so far it seems to point to database issues...

Any thoughts?