Has anyone see this behavior.

When setup a "display message" on action 1 With seconds to be displayed: 2 minutes.
Then the action after that (action 2) has also a "display message" with seconds to be displayed 5 seconds.

Action 1 has system requirements so it's possible that it takes not 2 minutes but for example 10 seconds.

Then i think i need to see.
Action 1 = running . display message for 10 seconds.
Action 2 = running . display message for 5 seconds.
Finished / hide the message balloons.

What i often see is that the balloons are hunging. So you see the message of action 1 a long time, until you click on it. Then the balloon of action 2 is showing.

For example i have a display message "Please wait until the software is updated". en then a message "update finished", but if the first balloon is not going. People can wait a long time

Server: ZCM 11.0 / SLES 11.0
Client: Windows XP Sp3