I applied the Cumulative Agent Patch 1 using method 2 to update the deployment packages and manually and in both cases I am unable to register or unregister an updated device the the zone. The manually upgraded device was still working, but could not be unregistered. The new device could not register. In both cases I get error -28:
Processing Command: unr

Unable to unregister the device with the server.
Service Error. code: -28, message: InternalDataModelException occurred
deleting device:
com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.ObjectNot FoundException:
Try later or use the -f option to force a local only unregistration.

How can I find what the object is that it is looking for? I did try method 1 to update the system update. I removed the existing one, but am unable to get the modified update imported.

When is sp1 supposed to be out?