We have a ZFD 7 that we are using for all of the Zen services (Policies, Apps, Imaging ect..) We installed a new ZCM 11 server on the same subnet as our ZFD 7 server in hopes to start using the PXE boot method for imaging. We have always used the BootCD method for imaging and now we are getting PC's that have new Windows 7 and the e1000e card.

When we boot the new PC's (lenova M91p) they do not pickup the new ZCM 11 server. They never get a IP Address. I boot a VM that has Winxp and the E1000 Nic and it gets a IP address but exits.The DHCP server is a separate Windows DHCP server on that same subnet.

I have installed the latest Patches and Image updates on both our servers. I even added the "e1000e" to the z_auto.cfg and z_maint.cfg files on the ZCM 11 server and rebooted the server. I added the ZFD 7 server ip address to the Referral Lists and copied the ZCM 11 image files to the ZFD 7 server.

I am at a loss to what might be the problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in Advance.