I've always had "issues" with ZCM and it's complete inability to be able to create .lnk files. Or more specifically create them using the "Install Files" option. As in you point to an existing .lnk file add it to the content repo, and then that .lnk file can be "installed" to a target workstation.

As ZCM ALWAYS directs to the file the shortcut points to.

Yes i know i can create shortcuts via ZCM, but i want to install a FILE. Doesn't matter it's a shortcut, it's still a FILE TYPE. And i know i can use a vbs script to create them too, which i've had to resort to, thanks to ZCM dumbness.

File shortcut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I kinda thought this might of been fixed up in ZCM 11 but NO!

The only question i have here, isn't even technical. WHY does Novell refuse to acknowledge a file called BlahBlahBlah.lnk is STILL A FILE! And should be identified as such by ZCM, just like all the other files it can install/copy so i can use the same action.

And before any asks, no i haven't done an Enhancement request. Why? Because i don't want to "enhance" a feature, or "add a new feature" I Just want ZCM to perform an action like it is supposed todo, plain and simple.

If i'm wrong in what i'm saying, then i may happily log an enhancement request to get the title for the action "Install File(s)" to "Install every file you can think of, apart from the EXTREMELY commonly used filetype ending in *.lnk".