Couple of things
1. This is just a possible debug solution.
I'm finding on some devices that they will just 'wipe out'. Only started in 11 and only on some machines. I'm putting it down to the ZESService service. My eval period for ZES has expired so no ZES policies or ZES management agent applied. I notice that the recovery for the service is to "Restart Windows". So it's not clear if that is what is causing it. There is nothing in the device log. So I've modify the recovery to display a message and delay 1 minute before the 'wipe out'. Now to wait ......

2. Has any one got the 'Configuration location' in the agent properties to show anything other that '~unknown~'. I've configured a location both with and without a 'Network Environments' filter. Or do you have to have ZES running for it to show?