I realize this problem isn't the best forum, but it seemed the closest.

Netware 6.5 sp8. Windows XP SP3 clients, NW Client 4.91sp5. Wordperfect X3 SP2.

In the last three months, we've seen directories disappear from one moment to the next. In almost every case, someone opens a file in said directory, closes the file, attempts to open another/same file in same directory, and *poof*--nothing. Gone.

Nothing in Salvage for the folder. Searches turn up nothing (I ran an all-night search of the entire volume). No error messages anywhere. Nothing at the console. Nothing in the system/error logs (Netware, Windows). Nothing. Zip.

I've seen this happen randomly over the last 15 years of my "Netware life"...random occurences. But this is becoming almost a weekly event.

Anyone seen anything like this? I've scoured every reference to Windows XP, Corel Wordperfect X3 and Netware 6.5, and have never found a reference to this anywhere.

Thanks ahead for the assistance.