I am hopefully soon to upgrade and migrate our ZCM 10.3 server to the ZCM 11 virtual appliance and have a couple of questions that I couldn't quite find answers for in the documentation. A vendor of mine recommended upgrading my current ZCM 10 server to 11, add the Virtual Appliance to the Zone, then remove the original server which sounds like a great plan to me.

Anyway, in the upgrade documentation, there are several steps that relate to if there is a reporting server in the zone, which my reporting server is on my ZCM 10 server and the way that I'm reading the documentation make it sound like reporting is/should be on a separate server. So my question is multipart...

Is the reporting server supposed to be on a separate server or recommended to be installed on a separate device? After I migrate I'll get it on the proper device.

Since I currently have the reporting server on my primary ZCM server, will it interfere with upgrading from 10 to 11?

Should I uninstall reporting services before attempting the 10 to 11 upgrade or will I be ok as long as I upgrade both ZCM and Reporting right away?

Is there anything else that I should be aware of that my not be in the Zen 11 Upgrade Guide?