I search a way to succesfully install the adaptative agent 11 followed by the cumulative patche on our clients, back to back. We are not in production now, but soon we'll be.

Since there is bugs with the agent 11, specially with the Endpoint Security that randomly reboots machine, I want the cumulative patch to be on the client stations.

There is 2 parts in the agent patche: the MSI files that can be installed from the install batch file of the cumulative patch, and the setup.exe, the endpoint security upgrade.

If I launch the Adaptative agent 11 install, I must wait the process to be completed before I start the MSI install.bat file. So, I cannot start them all from a batch file, and this way, I can't automate the whole installation of the Agent 11 on my new workstations.....

Or, can I just install the basic Adaptative agent 11, and uninstall the Endpoint Security service? I doesn't need this service. This way, client will not have the reboot bug....

thank you for your support.