I have installed and I am having problems with clients
Besides the pain to have to uninstall, reboot, install, reboot
then make sure the workstation connected (some did not out of the 35 I had to do it to)
I am still getting .net errors on some PCs when trying to sync.
One gets 50% synced then crashes.

I am considering pulling the plug on it completely and just changing the mapping
of their \My Documents folder to the Users\User's Name folder on the server.
Won't have to run iFolder on the SuSE box and the users will get their docs
backed up every night. We don't use the web interface so no users ever have their docs
on a remote device. Most likely take up less room on the server and for sure less headaches at this point.

Only downside I see is that they won't have access to their ,docs if the server is down

I am looking for for feedback good or bad.
Again I am frustrated at this point.