On our site the user store is in Edirectory. We cannot change this as it is centrally managed. Our computers use DLU and roaming mandatory profile policies from ZCM 11.

We would also like the PCs to be on a Windows Domain as Microsoft SCCM deployment is under way for software installation in our faculty. I know this can be done with Zenworks but we struggled for years with ZfD 4 and eventually made the decision to switch.

Anyway the problem we're having is that DLU has stopped working entirely once the Windows Domain has been added (using 'netdom' from the PDC). It passes Novell login and then says the local account does not exist and prompts for a Domain login. Accounts that exist (such as the Administrator) are prompted for a second login. I have set the Novell Client and 'DefaultDomainName' / 'AltDefaultDomainName' Winlogon registry settings to point to the local host name.

Are there any ZCM registry settings I can tweak to help it co-exist with the Windows Domain?