With reference to this post; we're having some issues with Windows 7 SP1 recognition. We applied the fixes suggested in the TID 7007952 to all 3 of our Primary Servers.

The referenced posts has suggestions that if ostarget.xml contains references like what's below, then the fix has worked and Win 7 SP1 machines should register correctly. However, we are still getting Service Error. code: -21, message: Could not determine device type from <OS> tag: windows7-ent-sp1-x86

    <product_name>Windows 7 Enterprise SP1</product_name>
      <OSVersion substring="Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)" /
Any thoughts anyone? The servers have been rebooted.

We have ZCM 11 installed on 3 SLES 11 servers with the latest PRU.

Thanks in advance.