The documentation for assigning bundles states, "Directly assigned bundles are processed in the order listed, from top to bottom. You can reorder the bundles to change the processing order."

So I would expect that, if I have 10 assigned bundles, the one at the top of the list would be downloaded and installed before the second one. And so on.

But they seem to be happening in a random order.

Additional information: Most of them are MSI bundles. A few are "launch executable," but with "wait before proceeding to next action" set.

All are set to Distribute (and Install Immediately) on refresh.

When I look at the Agent properties, I see all 10 bundles. And they do all get installed, one after the other. Just not in my preferred order.

The bundle at the very end of the list includes a reboot. And I'm trying to make sure that one always occurs last.