I know that with ZfD 7 we could launch a Web browser with the user's
available applications using:
C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\nls\english\MyApps.html

We're about to migrate to ZCM11 (testing phase and converting eDir app.
objects to ZCM) and I have someone asking if we can make a managed
application launched through a Web link. ?

As mentioned, all I found for our present ZENworks 7 is the URL above and no
way to launch a specific application object via a URL.

It's not really worth spending time on ZfD setup but I'm wondering if I can
at least give them good news once we're at ZENworks 11. ?

I'm guessing that using ZAV (ZENworks Application Virtualization) is the
only option. But before I spend time with ZAV I'd just like to confirm that
there's no other option within ZENworks 11.