Hi, I have just installed the ZCM 11 appliance in to a VMWare Environment last week. The install went through with no errors. Log in to ZCM via the browser and all seems okay.

I install the agent on to a clean Windows XP SP3 with the Novell CLient 4.91 SP5 IR1 with windows updates on and then install the Agent from the ZCM server via the browser (Zenworks-setup). I use the complete .net version (300mb). The install goes fine. Reboot. I login to the Novell client and then get prompted to login to 'Zenworks Configuration Management'. I see the username I just typed in to the client and the realm name. I type my password in and it refuses to accept it with error 'Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect'. I click cancel to continue logging in to Windows XP. The Zen Adaptive Agent appears to be running OK. Primary user is unavailable. It has contact with the server.

Is there anything I should be looking out for within the agent to check for simple problems? I.e. server or workstations that are showing as a name and not a FQDN?

In the agent logs within XP I can see the following which I am not sure is relevant or not: findserverfrom busylist zcm.company.com status unknown, marking location zcm.company.com bad at the request of module connectman

zcm.company.com and ip address get the error - does not seem to be a certificate subject

I have found TID3273870 and I am working through the document but so far nothing has worked. I suppose the confusing thing is why it's not working on a fresh install or ZCM 11 and XP?

Any help is greatly appreciated.