I keep getting following when I define a network path in my Distribution scripts (Pre-Login)

An Error occurred while executing the program. Error is: The network name cannot be found.

Below is what is in the script:

set SERVICES-EXTRACT="\\REMUS\apps\progress apps\%APP-DIR%\install\services-extract.txt"
set SERVICES-PC=c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\services
set SERVICES-BAT="\\REMUS\apps\progress apps\pc\addservices.bat"

Runs as: CMD.EXE /C
Priority: Normal
Run As: System

The client has full access to the netwok resource, yet I can not access them.

We're in process of migrating our applications from ZEN 7 to ZCM11. This same script works 100% in the old environment.

Please help! We have many applications configured using same methods.

Diptin Patel