I'm trying to register a Windows 7 Ultimate edition 64bit with SP 1, to my new Zen 11 CM server. The server is a Win 2008 R2 server running a new install of Zen 11.
I run the command "zac reg https://myserver.domain.org -u administrator" then put in my password. I get Unable to register with the server at https://myserver.domain.org. Service Error. code: -21, message: could not determine device type from <OS> tag: unsupported.

I installed combined patch 7005779, that is supposed to fix a problem with SP 1 on Windows 7 computers.

Any idea what I can try to get this computer registered.

FYI, I do have VM Workstation installed on the computer I'm trying to register. That would not have anything to do with it would it?

Thanks in Advance.