Hi all: I am having a bit of trouble joining our domain as part of the post install process. I believe I know why but don't have a good work around.

Following the reimage job, I set up Windows XP sp3 to run a vb script which installs the novell client, iprint and the ZCM agent. Also in this script I join our domain and set a few other parameters. The problem I believe is that I join the domain prior to the ZCM setting the image safe data and therefore the computer gets the SID changed after joining of the domain by the ZCM agent. In the past with I have added a second vb script to run following a reboot which resulted in the following sequence:

1. Image - reboot
2. Post image sysprep work - reboot
3. vb script to install client, iprint, zcm - reboot
4. zcm post install image-safe data processing - reboot
5. vb script to join domain and other tasks -reboot

Once completed the system is ready to go. The problem I see in ZCM 11 is that when I add a call to the second vb script (via calling it in the run-once reg key) it gets run immediately following the zcm agent installation, and before the reboot. This should not happen as the run-once key should only be read until a reboot or login, which has not occurred.

So, how can I get around this? Thanks, and I hope this makes sense, Chris.