After following installation instructions posted here:

I can get a Ubuntu 10.04 x64 work fine, but couldn't get 11.04 x64 to work.

I can get all the compilation and installation steps (by default it doesn't use LDAP), but when I first try to login to admin interface or http://myserver/ifolder I get a message telling me:

"The username or password you entered is incorrect. Please log in."

They are not wrong, so I tried to look for anything going wrong:

I noted that when i try to access
http://myserver/simias10 at ubuntu 10.04 installation it shows up a HTTP login request
When I do the same on Ubuntu 11.04 installation it gives me a 500 error

So I went to apache2 errors log to find more information and I got this:


  at (wrapper managed-to-native) Simias.Storage.Provider.Flaim.Flaim4.FWGetObject (intptr,string,int&,char[]) <0x00158>
  at (wrapper managed-to-native) Simias.Storage.Provider.Flaim.Flaim4.FWGetObject (intptr,string,int&,char[]) <0x00158>
  at Simias.Storage.Provider.Flaim.Flaim4.GetRecord (string) <0x00057>
  at Simias.Storage.Provider.Flaim.FlaimServer.GetRecord (string) <0x00023>
  at Simias.Storage.Provider.Flaim.FlaimProvider.GetRecord (string,string) <0x0002f>
  at Simias.Storage.Store.GetNodeByID (string,string) <0x0008d>
  at Simias.Storage.Store.GetCollectionByID (string) <0x0001f>
  at Simias.Storage.Collection..ctor (Simias.Storage.Store,Simias.Storage.ShallowNode) <0x0003f>
  at Simias.Storage.LocalDatabase..ctor (Simias.Storage.Store,Simias.Storage.ShallowNode) <0x0001f>
  at Simias.Storage.Store.GetDatabaseObject () <0x0019b>
  at Simias.Storage.Store..ctor () <0x008f7>
  at Simias.Storage.Store.GetStore () <0x000a3>
  at Simias.Storage.ChangeLog.Start () <0x00027>
  at Simias.Service.ThreadServiceCtl.Start () <0x00117>
  at Simias.Service.Manager.messageDispatcher (Simias.Service.Message) <0x000b9>
  at Simias.Service.Manager.StartServicesThread () <0x000b3>
  at (wrapper runtime-invoke) object.runtime_invoke_void__this__ (object,intptr,intptr,intptr) <0x00051>

Native stacktrace:

	/usr/bin/mono() [0x489171]
	/usr/bin/mono() [0x4d154f]
	/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f2d1dfcac60]
	/usr/lib/ [0x7f2d1957473a]
	/usr/lib/ [0x7f2d19579292]
	/usr/lib/ [0x7f2d19575b7d]

Debug info from gdb:

Got a SIGSEGV while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries 
used by your application.

[Tue May 24 23:24:57 2011] [error] (70014)End of file found: read_data failed
[Tue May 24 23:24:57 2011] [error] Command stream corrupted, last command was 1
any idea?