I have ZCM11 server running on SLES11 SP1. This is the only ZCM server in our network, managing 380 devices, using the embedded Sybase database. It has 4 GB of memory, which is the "recommended" amount according to Novell docs. When viewed with top, it shows that all the memory is used up. After 3 days of uptime, 'jsvc' is using 1.9 GB VIRT and 1.1 GB RES, 'java' is using 1.5 GB VIRT and 500 MB RES and another instance of 'jsvc' is using 950 MB RES and 250 MB VIRT. Buffer cache is only 120 MB.

I'm just curious if adding more memory to the server would maybe improve performance, or would these java processes just eat up all that I can give them? What kind of memory usage are others seeing?