I fail making image of a specific, new, hardware. It,s a laptop. Other computers hw works fine. The image process seems to start, but then it is waiting forever. The partition size shown is not correct, and the type is "unknown". Also, although there are several win7-partitions, they are detected as sda1 in the image menu (maybe of less importance).
Information when imaging:
"Writing:" "Partition type: Unknown" "Partition size 2199023255040 bytes"

Zenworks System information:
Hard drive controller: IDE

Zenworks Drive information:
/dev/sda Capacity 305242 MB
/dev/sda1 Partition type: Unknown, Size in MB: 2097151

Windows System information:
SATA hw: intel 6 series/C600
intel Mobile Express Chipset SATA SHCI Controller

The computer is labaled Fujitsu Lifebook NH751