We have the following environment:

ZCM 11 Primary (LAN)
ZCM 11 Primary (DMZ)
External Sybase DB Server
Mix of ZCM 10/11 Clients

In the last few days, we've had an issue where suddenly clients "freeze"
during the workstation login process. I've done the following:

1. Open my firewall monitor. See that the affected clients are NOT trying
to contact my DMZ server.
2. Restart the DMZ Primary. No change. Clients still stuck.
3. Restart the LAN Primary services (via novell-zenworks-configure -c
Start). No change. Clients still stuck.
4. Restart the entire LAN Primary server. At this point, the clients start
contacting the DMZ Primary server (as seen in my firewall monitor). The
clients immediately continue logging in, and they work fine afterwards.

So, my basic troubleshooting tells me that something on my ZCM Primary in my
LAN is stuck, and the clients are "waiting" for something from that server.
Simply restarting all of the ZCM services on my LAN Primary does nothing,
but when the server is actually made unavailable, the clients failover to my
DMZ Primary. The logs on the LAN Primary don't indicate anything being
wrong. The server seems to be responsive.

If the restart of the services on the LAN Primary doesn't fix it, but a
complete restart does, I'm really wondering if there are any services that
ZCM depends on that don't get restarted with the novell-zenworks-configure
restart trick. That may at least point me in the right direction to
troubleshoot further. Anyone know?