We are using c++ api to set the MailboxExpDate for user accounts.

To unexpire the account, we set MailboxExpDate to 19700101. ConsoleOne shows the "Expiration Date" as blank, and the flag "Enable" as unchecked. Users are able to login successfully.

This had worked fine all along on groupwise 7.

However, the same code seems to fail on groupwise 8. After successful call to api, ConsoleOne shows the "Expiration Date" as "Jan 01 1970", and the flag "Enable" as checked. User login fails with error that the account has expired.

Saw in one of the posts here that "18991230" should be used. Tried using it, and even though the commit() api returns success, consoleOne still shows the account as having the same expiry date it was set to earlier. In other words, the expiration date does not get set to 30Dec1899, nor does it set to blank, but remains whatever it was set to via the previous api call.

Has the behaviour of MailboxExpDate field changed between 7 and 8 versions?
If so, what is the correct way to unexpire account using c++ api?