We are preparing a migration from ZEN7 to ZCM11.
We will only migrate ZEN to ZCM and the agent on the workstation. We do not want to re-image the workstations.

We plan to migrate all applications from ZEN7 to ZCM11 with the migration wizard. What will happen with the local NALCACHE directory?

Is it possible to migrate the NALCACHE directory to the ZENCACHE directory?

Imagine the following sceanrio with MsOffice:

In ZEN7 we distribute the following simple application objects: MsWord, MsExcel, MsPowerpoint etc.
These objects are changed to the MsOffice installation object.
I do not foresee any problems with the migration of these objects to ZCM11.
The ZEN7 agent on the workstation will be replaced by the ZCM11 agent.

What happens when a user opens the MsWord (ZCM11) application?
Will ZCM re-install the chained MsOffice installation object since it is not cached?