I'm hoping to wrap up migrating my ZCM server to the Virtual Appliance over the next couple of weeks but I'm stuck trying to make my clients use the VA Server. I've followed the instructions under the ZENworks Virtual Appliance Deployment document, but even that doesn't really address the issue that I'm experiencing.

Currently I have 2 Primary ZCM 11 servers, the old one zcm.mydomain.com and the new one zenworks.mydomain.com. As a test I've changed the hosts file of a couple of workstations to make the zcm.mydomain.com name point to the zenworks address. If the system is already running I can successfully connect and pull updates but if I need to log in, I get the ZEN login window which says name or certificate is wrong. After changing the name back, everything works normal. This leads me to thinking that it may be the certificate.

Now, looking at the Applicance build, it appears that the certificate utilities in YAST aren't there. At this point I'm trying to figure out what the best way to transition and go live to the new server would be. Is there a setting in ZCM to change the ZENworks Server Properties Server DNS somewhere to point to the new server's proper new name? Should I rename the new server and turn off the old one? What would that do for certificates? What is the correct way to transition the clients to the new server? Thanks!