I am looking for information on how to resolve an issue we are having with our Content Repo on one server. We have two primary servers, ZCM11.0.

To test if it is working, we perform a simple "Install Directory" action where we upload a directory to Server1. When uploading, the files appear to not be uploading correctly to Server1. However, if we Login to ZCC on Server2, perform the same action on the same bundle, the files are uploaded correctly and it soon synchronizes to Server1's content repo.

So the question is, why is Server 1 not accepting uploads/content properly. We check the directories "C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\content-repo\content" on Server1 right after the upload, we do not see anything coming in to Import, but we do on server2.

Ideas? Command Lines we can run to verify files?