So my boss is nervous. He wants to make sure that when someone is on our LANs that they cannot also be connected to another network (Internet) say via Wi-Fi. Easy i think, just create a Communication Hardware Policy that disables any Wi-Fi NICs if you are connected to a LAN via wire. No big deal. Tested it out and it works great.

Then my boss comes to me and says that's great, but what about 3g/4g cards? That's a good question let me go into the Policy and see what I find. Entries to disable Wi-Fi and modems when wired but that's it. OK, lets try the modem policy for giggles even though these USB cards are usually presented to the host OS as a NIC. Nope, didn't work. Now I have a real problem.

The million dollar question I need help with:

How can I prevent the usage of USB (or even PCMCIA I guess) 3g/4g cards while connected to any of my supported LANs?