Hi All,

We are in the process to upgrade from zen 7 to ZCM 11, we built a test box and am doing some testing and running into some issues and need assistance.

Windows xp SP3 works great!!!!! yeah

Windows 7 SP1 is another story, we couldn't get it to register at all until I found the post that mentioned this patch

NOVELL: Downloads - ZCM 11.0 - Combined patch for: Install action fix (see TID 7005779), Allow Windows 7 SP1 device to register (see TID 7007952) and Authentication Mechanism is being unchecked (see TID 7007776)

I've applied the patch and bounced the box and now windows 7 sp1 pcs will connect but they still do not do any user based authentication, ie second login box pops up and when I enter credentials it states that they are incorrect or the certificate is invalid. I found another post and it referenced that all the dns servers needed to be in the user connection source so I added them and it did not do anything.

I checked the logs and bundlemanager could not add bundle with the GUID of the app, and workstation based assignments do work.

I found another post which suggested unregistering the PC running clean and reregistering it. I was able to unregister it, could not run clean as it said that I didn't have permissions to do so and to contact my zenworks admin (me) I wasn't able to re-register the PC afterwords.